• Bringing stakeholders on a common platform to share issues related to temporary shelters and highlighting weather related problems of temporary shelters
  • Formulated guidelines for area allocation among NGOs
  • Assisted the District Administration in area allocation
  • Held technical consultation workshops to understand and disseminate technical guidelines
  • Advocating on introducing water and sanitation into permanent habitations
  • Helping District Administration in shelter review workshops
  • Assisting NGOs whenever called
  • Studies on conditions of temporary shelters after the rains
  • Advocating with the NGOs concerned for repairs/reconstruction of select temporary shelters
  • Conducted trainings for masons on safety factors in collaboration with UNDP and DRDA
  • Trained the community on building safety factors
  • Studies on the water logging conditions of the land allocated for relocation
  • Explored possibilities of introducing a "Labournet" in Nagapattinam with AIF, Action Aid and Aide et Action.
  • Advocating, both at district and state level, the need for concurrent third party construction quality audit mechanisms. Bringing in technical study teams and facilitation studies.
  • Short studies conducted on the satisfaction levels of the community that have already moved into their permanent shelters
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