Policy advocacy

With a destruction of this magnitude, quick responses by the policy makers, although extremely necessary, would impact the various strata of the affected in different ways.

The NCRC, with the knowledge of the ground realities as assessed by its VICs and by the benefit of expert advice from acknowledged authorities, is in a key position to assess the effectiveness of the policies vis-a-vis equity, access and actual availability at the grass roots level. NCRC utilizes this knowledge to flag the issues and concerns, emerging from the field level, to the notice of the policy makers, thereby ensuring :

  • All communities and population, including the vulnerable, have equal and free access to the relief and rehabilitation packages and processes.
  • The policies are in keeping with the diverse needs and requirements expressed by the various strata of the affected.
  • The approaches of the various players are synergic and in keeping with the overall developmental framework envisaged.

NCRC has been actively involved in advocacy issues in the sectors of fisheries, shelter, agriculture and education. The inputs provided by the NCRC, in consultation with the NGOs, communities and experts, have been, by and large, accepted and translated into action.

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