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Mapping of water bodies

The National workshop on disaster preparedness in agriculture organised by NCRC and Concern World Wide with the support of NGOs working in agriculture in Nagapattinam in the month of August 06 came out with recommendations on improving irrigation and drainage infrastructure in the district towards reducing the vulnerabilities to frequent disasters. To take this forward, NCRC organized series of meetings with NGOs (KUDUMBAM, CEE, CCD, VENTURE and TOFARM), government departments and consultants from 1st to 30th September 06, on undertaking a study "mapping of water bodies in the district". Following this, a pilot study has been initiated from 25th September. The study, a joint venture of the government and civil society organizations, will identify drainage and irrigation channels and water bodies, prioritise the arterial branches that need immediate corrective action and plan appropriate course of action. The whole process would be completed before the onset of the North East monsoons.











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