Governing structure

A Steering Committee (SC) was constituted to govern the NCRC program. The Steering Committee is a mix of persons with experience of developmental work in Nagapattinam, of working in disaster situations, and the background to contribute to and advice on critical outputs of NCRC.

Some key roles of Steering Committee

  • Defining roles for itself and other key stakeholders such as SIFFS, SNEHA and UNDP
  • Looking into finance and funding issues
  • Providing direction for staffing and staff policies
  • Developing infrastructure, including information dissemination
  • Identifying areas for research
  • Regularly tracking the progress in each sector and providing guidance on important issues
  • Identifying and bringing different individuals, organizations for short and long term support and consultancy

NCRC Steering Committee members

            Mr. V. Vivekanandan, CEO, SIFFS
            Ms. Sushma Iyengar, CEO, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan
            Mr. Amarnath Raja, CEO, INAPP
            Ms. Jesurathnam, Director, SNEHA
            Mr. Stan Thekkekara, Director, ACCORD, Gudalur
            Ms. Annie George, CEO, NCRC


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