Tsunami affected communities restore their lives in an equitable and sustainable manner.


To make significant contributions to improve the quality of assistance in terms of equity and sustainability to Tsunami
affected men, women and children, in Nagapattinam district, to rebuild their lives.

NCRC addresses its objective by ensuring that...

 ...Communities are integrated in their recovery, rehabilitation and development process in an equitable and sustainable manner. They know about government programs and policies related to relief and rehabilitation - including entitlements - and are able to access these. NCRC ensures that vulnerable groups get covered. Core to the system is the Information Exchange and Communication (IEC) unit at NCRC. This unit manages information by engaging in its collection, collation, synthesis, analysis, and ensuring its access and communication through stakeholder friendly structures.

The Village Information Centres are information generation, exchange and access points at the community level and Village Facilitation Units manage the coordination and link village information centres, sectoral units and IEC. NCRC supports communities to liaison with the government to address grievances related to rehabilitation.
...Strategies for rehabilitation are long-term and sustainable. This is achieved through a sector-specific strategies focusing on five sectors

Participatory needs assessment and planning is done with communities. The experts' inputs are shared and disseminated through workshops, meetings, field visits, community consultations, technical consultations and other sharing forums which ensure community linkages and feedback. This approach enables the exchange of sectoral and regional perspectives, technical expertise, reliable data and its synergy with policy formulations. NCRC also lobbies with the government on behalf of NGOs and the community for effective policy planning and implementation.

...Policies and programs of the government and NGOs are well informed. Decision-making is based on field based, analysed data that is regularly updated. A steady partnership has been maintained with the District Administration in Nagapattinam by way of NCRC. Front-Desk at the District Collectorate. In operation since 1 January 2005, the Front-Desk has ensured a continuous dialogue at the district level by means of consultations, policy recommendation papers and open forums. With a wealth of experience in disaster management and relief coordination, NCRC Steering Committee has enabled NCRC to acquire a strategic position in influencing the rehabilitation policy in the region since the early stages. This influence rests upon a foundation of trust and confidence that has been built with the state, civil society organizations and survivors alike.

...Relief and rehabilitation efforts are coordinated.Through information tracking and dissemination NCRC tries to ascertain that there is no duplication of or exclusion from relief and compensation.



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