Information dissemination

One of NCRC's primary roles is to enable information exchange and communication between all stakeholders involved in relief and rehabilitation initiatives. Based on a detailed needs assessment, in collaboration with Catalyst Management Services of Bangalore, it has designed an information system to provide information on current initiatives and to be a knowledge bank of learning for handling future disasters in and outside the country.

The purpose of the information system is to generate and communicate stakeholder friendly information to enable effective planning, monitoring and learning to improve the effectiveness of current and future relief and rehabilitation programs in disaster management
The community, NGOs and donors, the district administration and other departments and sector specialists are the users and suppliers of information to the system.

Core to the system is the Information Exchange and Communication (IEC) department at NCRC. This department manages the information by engaging in its collection, collation, synthesis, analysis, and ensuring its access and communication through stakeholder friendly structures.

  • The Village Information Centres liaison with the community for field level information generation and exchange and Village Facilitation Units manage the coordination and linking between village information centres, sectoral units and IEC.
  • The Front Office is located at the Collectorate and provides vital data from the field to NGOs and the district administration, ensuring that adequate support and attentions get focused towards priority areas and communities.
  • The Sectoral teams interact with IEC and the district administration to identify sector-specific needs, information and support of the community.
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