• Brought out a number of policy notes on best approach to rehabilitation of fishermen and conducted a number of workshops to enhance understanding of fisheries sector
  • Raising awareness on excess distribution of boats among NGOs, Govt., and communities, laying the foundation for improved fisheries management in the future.
  • Identified areas/ people like inland fishers who had been left out of livelihood restoration.
  • Assisted women fish vendors and processors who were left out of rehabilitation by linking with NGOs.
  • In some cases also influenced donors to distribute nets and kattumarams instead of FRP boats with motors.
  • Helped link up fishermen groups with SIFFS for formation of fish marketing societies.
  • Formed a fisheries platform consisting of fishermen representatives, NGOs and Govt. officials for discussion on key fisheries issues.
  • Conducting studies on post-tsunami development in the sector.


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