Community facilitation

Public participation is critical in disaster management. NCRC empowers communities by imparting skills and initiating mechanisms to ensure active participation by affected communities in the rebuilding process.

The district of Nagapattinam has a coastal line of 141 Kms. The devastation in Nagapattinam has severely affected about 80 villages. Many more have faced damage in varying degrees. Fishing villages dominate this coastal district and nearly 70 percent of the severely affected villages are fishing villages. NCRC has selected 12 strategic locations in this region and has set up village information centres to maximize the reach throughout this district. This is consonance with the "Mission 2007: Every Village a Knowledge Centre".

                          What do information centres do?

  • Collect information from the communities on details of damages, compensations, allotment of houses, etc. at the village level and provide them with information on support and services available
  • Provide information to NCRC and other stakeholders on what is happening in the field
  • Reach out to the communities in backward and vulnerable areas to ensure that they have access to support and that their needs are accounted for in the rehabilitation process
  • Coordinate with support organisations and service provides whenever  support and services are required
  • Follow-up on petitions and grievances related to relief and rehabilitation

The Village Facilitation Unit (VFU) is the managing and coordinating unit for the Village Information Centres (VICs). It links sectoral units, Information Exchange and Communication (IEC) unit, support organisations and VICs to ensure smooth information flow. It ensures that information is used effectively and timely actions are initiated. The information centres are connected through wireless network for timely information sourcing dissemination.

                          How VICs are structured?

Currently NCRC runs 12 Village Information Centres (VICs) across the district. Each VIC covers five to six villages. For better staff management and networking, VICs have been grouped as Clusters. Each cluster covers two to three VICs. The cluster is managed by a team leader and supported by area coordinator, village coordinator, junior village coordinator and volunteers. VICs are located in the following villages:

Vedaranyam, Kodiyakarai, Thiruvengadu, Akkurmukkuttu, Vettaikaraniruppu, Velankanni, Pushpavanam, Pudhupattinam, Tharangambadi, Nagapattinam, Dharmakulam, Thirumalaivasal

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