• NCRC, during the initial phase of rehabilitation, actively involved in drawing up child related policies specially with respect to adoption, compensation etc. Later Response were more issue based than planned
  • For effective advocacy on various issues related to children, formed a core group of NGOs working with children and working through it. Also constituted a corpus fund for addressing issues related to children
  • Advocating for issues like non implementation of school fee - GO 33 on fee waiver widely disseminated
  • Awareness generation on child rights among the community through information dissemination
  • Collaborating with NGOs on studies related to problems faced by the children- status of orphans, semi-orphans
  • Facilitating programmes marking various occasions like the children's day, anti-child labour day etc.
  • NCRC assists the district administration by gathering basic information on child related activities within the district enabling the government to take corrective measures


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