Reclamation of Tsunami affected Agricultural lands

Comprehensive package proposed

    1. Immediate activities:

    On individual farmers' lands:

  • Removal & transportation of sand / mud cast (if above 2 inches)
  • Deep Ploughing of the fields (up to a minimum of one foot depth)
  • Trenching around the fields (along the bunds)
  • Clearing farm ponds (mud as well as saline water

On common lands:

  • Clearing common ponds (mud as well as saline water)

  • Clearing irrigation / drainage channels (sand / mud)

   2. Short-term activities:

  • Green Manuring in-situ (before taking up the seasonal crop)

  • Growing of saline tolerant crop varieties

  • Application of required quantity of organic manure in the form of Farm Yard Manure / Compost / Vermi-compost as basal dose

   3.Long-term activities (desirable):

  • On-farm production of compost / vermi-compost (effective recycling of farm wastes)

  • On-farm production of biomass producing trees (on the bunds to cater to the needs of manure, fodder & fuel)

  • On-farm production of legume forage / fodder grasses (on the bunds)


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