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District Level Federation of Children Groups    

Formation of a District Level Federation of Children’ groups were an initiative taken by the Child Secretariat in Nagapattinam district. Fifteen NGOs came with their children for the meeting. Purpose of the Meeting: To form a federation of all the children’s groups/ parliament /clubs started by the different NGOs working with children in the district, to prepare a platform for the children to raise their issues and concerns, to have better interaction among the children’s groups, to understand the best practices of various children groups across the district, to form a group of representatives of the children who will act as a bridge between the Child Secretariat and the children and to select representatives from the children to participate at the state level federations of children’s groups. Program of the Day: Mr. Jerald, Secretary of CSt explained the need for the district and the state level federation of children’s groups. He also explained that the process had already been initiated in the formation of this federation of children’s groups at the block level. He also mentioned that this kind of forum clearly gives an opportunity for the children to exercise their right to participate and this would help the children in protecting themselves.


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 Shelter Advisory Group Meeting
Date : 18.02.2008
Time : 11.00AM
Venue : Mini Conference Hall, District Collectorate, Nagapattinam
Organised by : BEDROC (NCRC)





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Issue 17 - June 07    

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